About Us

Illuminated Design is just a small business producing high quality unique certificates, scrolls and documents as presentations. 

We are conscious that not everyone is able to commission a costly presentation item that is fully hand painted with calligraphy and raised gold leaf.  So we have developed a way of providing a high quality certificate based on our own unique existing designs adapting each one to the individual requirements of the customer.  First we produce a sample with a rough layout indicative of the final item which allows our customers to understand what they will be receiving and make revisions as necessary. 

During this design phase customers can choose how much of the certificate is unique, and how much of the final item will be hand painted, or have and gold leaf added.  This is how we can tailor the certificate or award to the customers need and budget.

Only once the customer is happy as this stage do we require payment, although of course at this point significant design changes and hand painting or gold leaf will not have be done.

Finally we will produce the finished time, first printing the printable sections using Epson professional printers on matched high quality Epson paper giving decades of fade resistance, before painting and adding highlights as required.

If you want to know more about how we produce a finished certificate why not visit our 'Producing a Presentation' section.