How Do we Create a Presentation Certificate

The first thing to remember is that we don’t charge you anything up front when you enquire about our Certificate and Award creation service.

After your initial enquiry we will contact you to start discussing what your requirements are.  We will need to know when your presentation or event will be so that we can work within the appropriate time frame and what sort of budget you are working within.

We will then ask you about the style of certificate you are considering and the size and orientation.   We will do this with consideration to your budget because some styles and amendments are going to demand more time than others. 
You may have found an example on our web site that will fit your needs.  Or you may already have a picture of something that you would like to base a design on.  Alternatively we are more than happy to suggest something for you if you are unsure.

When we are using one of our existing border designs or sample layouts this process can progress quite quickly.  However if you require something more unique and a certificate or award that will require more work to design and draw, then this will take more time, and as you will expect impact on the costs.  But don’t worry as we will keep you advised at each stage on anything that will increase the cost

Next we will ask you to supply any wording that you wish included along with copies of any graphics you want added such as town crests, company or society logos or other branding marks

Once we have all the basics we will make up a first draught design for you which we normally send as a pdf file.  You can then review the design and layout and request any adjustments.  These maybe changing spacing, resizing lettering or graphics, adjusting colouring or even deciding the style is not quite right and trying something different.  We will make the changes, send you back a new versions and continue this until you have what you require

When you are requesting unique items and custom graphics we are not able to produce these fully until we have agreed to move forward with an order and agreed a price.  We will endeavour however to use placer graphics that will represent those you will commission so that you can still assess a certificate before you place your order.